What Are Mezzanine Structures?

Sometimes, a simple storage solution won’t do the job. When your storage problems seem insurmountable, you may want to consider a mezzanine structure. One of our most complex storage solutions here at American Material Handling & Design, mezzanine structures can literally double your storage capacity and possibly even eliminate the need for an additional storage building. These free-standing steel structures are relatively easy to install and can make a huge difference in terms of your warehouse capacity.

Running out of floor space in your existing storage facility? This is a common problem, but don’t worry—American Material Handling & Design has a solution for you. Mezzanine structures make use of previously wasted vertical space in your warehouse by adding another level of storage space. This not only increases your storage capacity, but it also clears up cluttered warehouse floors, which reduces hassle and even injuries. Your space will be roomier, no doubt, but it will also be more organized!

Types of Mezzanine Structures from American Material Handling & Design

At American Material Handling & Design, we’re proud to offer our customers a wide range of racking systems and storage solutions to choose from, including both rack-supported mezzanine structures and wide-span structures. Plus, our professional storage racking specialists are available to help you choose the very best mezzanine for your facility and storage needs. The process is simple—we’ll ask you a few questions about your current warehouse as well as your storage goals, and then we’ll recommend various solutions that will help you transform your existing space. It’s that easy!

Affordable Mezzanine Structures for Every Budget

We pride ourselves on being the most affordable provider of storage racking systems in Southern California. Our wide range of storage solutions as well as our ability to design custom systems means we can truly adapt to any budget. Also, mezzanine structures are great business investments that can save you money, either by eliminating the need for an additional storage warehouse or by increasing productivity.

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