What Are Cantilever Storage Racks?

Businesses who have bulky items to store in their warehouses find that cantilever storage racks are the perfect solution for maximizing their storage capacity. These unique types of racking systems are designed to house longer items like lumber and pipes, for instance. Cantilever racking features extending arms instead of shelves and use braces to increase load capacity.

Are you at a loss for how to best store the larger items in your storage facility? Why not let American Material Handling & Design help you discover the ideal storage solution for your space and inventory? We have several different types of cantilever storage racks for you to choose from, and if you don’t like your available options, we can design a custom racking system just for you.

Types of Cantilever Storage Racks from American Material Handling & Design

Different spaces are made for different racking solutions. Not all cantilever storage racks are created equally, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. At American Material Handling & Design, we’re proud to offer our customers a great deal of choice when it comes to selecting the right storage racking system. Cantilever storage racks in particular come in a range of styles, materials, and load capacities.

One of our cantilever racking professionals will be happy to help you explore these options and explain the differences among them. These storage specialists are available to help you make the best decision possible regarding your cantilever racking solution. We’re the experts when it comes to envisioning the ideal storage system for any given space, and we love impressing our customers by making extra space appear out of nowhere!

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When you have our number, there’s really no reason to struggle with limited storage space in your warehouse any longer. If your budget is a concern, don’t worry—our storage solutions are among the most affordable you’ll find anywhere in Southern California. If you’re in need of unique storage racking systems and are considering cantilever racks, give us a call today and begin your warehouse transformation.