What Are Boltless Shelving Systems?

Sometimes, the simple solution is the best one. Some of our most popular storage solutions for individuals and small businesses, boltless shelving systems are easy-to-assemble storage racks that come in a variety of different sizes and load capacities. Boltless shelving provides no-fuss storage that’s perfect for small warehouses, sheds, and home garages.

Have a small space that’s become overloaded with stuff? You can organize your things and even make room for more with a boltless shelving system. These systems can be put together with relative ease and can transform a small storage facility in a single afternoon. Typically, no tools are needed, and it’s usually a DIY job.

Boltless shelving systems are also easily customizable. As your storage needs change, you can simply add or remove shelving as necessary.

Types of Boltless Shelving Systems from American Material Handling & Design

The type of boltless shelving you need will depend on the size of your storage space as well as the types of items you want to store. Is your inventory bulky? How much do the items weigh? What is the perimeter of your available floor space? These are all questions you’d be wise to consider before choosing a boltless shelving rack.

Fortunately, when you partner with American Material Handling & Design, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having expert storage specialists on your side. We’ve been in the storage business for over two decades, so it’s highly likely we can recommend the perfect solution for your storage needs, no matter what you’re storing or how big (or small) your space is. Just give us a brief summary of your storage situation, and we’ll provide you with a synopsis of your best options.

Affordable Boltless Shelving Systems

Boltless shelving systems are some of our most economical storage solutions here at American Material Handling & Design. Plus, we offer some of the best prices on racking systems anywhere in Southern California. It’s just part of what we do for our valued customers, and it’s why those customers return to us again and again for all of their storage-related needs.